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Customer Reviews

best fabric! long time use! best collection ever! just love them. ❤️ dehiwala branch theres a tamil girl such an amazing staff. when you don’t find anything like you want she gives her 💯 and find for alternative! great staffs and one best quality product! ❤️

Kadijah Iqbal

JEZZA have upto date fashion and you can find everything under one roof! The team put the maximum effort to give their customers the best experience in fashion ♥️

Nathasha Fernando

Really good. loved the pieces I got online and super fast delivery!

Yusra Aziz-Eliyas

Loved the few pieces I got at the store the first time I went.. that I went again and bought a few more of the same pieces in different colors! The service at the store was also really good!
Good quality, good prices.

Nabeela Hr

The reason i like the shop is they really cater for large sizes . And you get a quite a lot of stylish items. They also have plenty of items in very comfy materials which i love. The service is excellent.

C.K. June

This store is absolutely amazing m.. they have the most beautiful collection of modest outfits and trendy clothing as well super cool- highly recommend <3

Fathima Shahana

A good collection. The designs are quite unique and decent. The materials are also good. prices are reasonable. The display is also attractive and doesn't fill every space with dresses. Spacious fit-on rooms are available in every floor.

Ŭuu Herath

Being 33 years old, I think I've tried evey other Sri Lankan clothing brand, but Jezza is the only one that fits me like a glove. Absolutely no adjustments necessary. And the materials are realy good too. Only thing is I can only find up to size 16 most of the time. My mom loves Jezza designs. So maybe you guys should consider doing larger sizes too.

Kaushi Ariyabandu

I personally prefer Jezza for quality clothing. I'm consumer from the beginning of the brand. More than price I expect the quality and perfect fitting to the body.
I'm a person who believes that the cloth i purchase should fit my body shape. In that case Jezza is the best brand in colombo. Some find it expensive bec it costs the same cloths ×2 the price from Mass market pricing. For those who find expensive should wear the clothes to experience how comfortable is it.

Fathima Balkis